Rev. Steve Hall – What is a Volunteer?

Rev. Steve Hall, President of Over-My-Head Homeless Inactive, counts the cost of discipleship for the early Disciples and for us, reminding us that Christ’s call is one to an un-housed life. Luke 9:58-60. 1/17/2016 at Saint Patrick Episcopal Church in Somerset, KY.

Pictures of Baptism

Looking at three classical pictures of Christ’s baptism, Rev. Amanda Musterman reminds us the most important picture of Christ’s baptism is the one which reminds us that Christ travels with us and will never leave. Isaiah 43:1-7, Acts 8:14-17
Luke 3:15-17, 21-22, and Psalm 29. On the Baptism of Our Lord, 1/1/2016 at Saint Patrick Episcopal Church, Somerset, Kentucky.

Musical Selection – Gloria

A segment from Saint Patrick’s Service Music during Epiphany. “The Gloria” by Pleasant Company.

Giving Thanks, Preparing the Way

Annual Report from the Rev. Amanda Musterman at Saint Patrick’s Episcopal Church. On December 6, 2015, Rev. Amanda gives thanks for 2015 and asks the church to discern where God is leading in the new year. Using Philippians 1:3-11,
Luke 3:1-6, Luke 1:68-79.

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Christ the King Sunday at Saint Patrick’s Episcopal Church. Rev. Amanda Musterman asks – how does the Kingdom of God come to heaven? Using words from Pope Pius XI, “Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio”, December 22, 1922. John 18:33-37, Psalm 132:1-19, and Revelation 1:4-8.

The Near-End

The End is Near – In the light of the attack on Paris by false prophets of religion, we reflect on end times. The day, when, Christ comes to be with God’s people and all experience peace over fear, calmness over alarm, and love over hate.
1 Samuel 1:4-20, 1 Samuel 2:1-10, Hebrews 10:11-25, Mark 13:1-8. Amanda Musterman at Saint Patrick Episcopal Church, Somerset Kentucky.

Open Hands

What are you holding onto with a clenched fist? The poor widow in Mark 12, the woman in Henri Nouwen’s “With Open Hands”, the rich man and the eye of the needle, and the merchant who buys and sells fine pearls all have things in their hands which they must let go of to experience the love of Christ. What do you need to let go? The Rev. Amanda Musterman preaches at Saint Patrick’s Somerset on 11/8/205.

We are Called: To See as God Sees

We are Called – To See as God Sees
October 25th. Rev. Amanda Musterman at Saint Patrick’s Episcopal Church, offers her reflections on Mark 10:46-52. The final sermon in the “We Are Called” series. God is calling us all to take heart, get up, and SEE the world as God envisions it.

Jesus Doesn’t Want Your Money

Perhaps, the only Stewardship Sermon you will ever hear on why the church does NOT want your money.

Amanda Musterman
Saint Patrick’s Episcopal Church, Somerset, Kentucky
October 11, 2015
Mark 10:17-31

We are Called… To Love Children

We are Called.. To Love Children
A sermon on Saint Patrick’s Stewardship Series, “We are Called.” The Rev. Amanda Musterman, former Saint Patrick’s PreSchool Students, John Wright Polk, and Lillie Eastham, and Mike Loiacono give reflections on the ministry of the Preschool. Using the text from Mark 10:13-16.