Rev. Amanda Musterman – Born and raised in Somerset, Kentucky, Amanda spent several years trying to escape her small town upbringing. For eight years, she fled for schooling in Louisville, Dallas and Atlanta before realizing that her heart never moved with her. In 2004, Amanda moved back to the Bluegrass State and discovered a renewed love of self and faith. From 2004-2013, Amanda served two churches in Lexington, Kentucky. First, as a Resident Minister to Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and then as Youth Minister to Christ Church Cathedral. In September 2014,God called Amanda home to serve as Deacon-in-Charge to St. Patrick’s in Somerset. Amanda currently resides in Somerset, where she spends her days serving as a Priest in Christ’s church, searching for God’s love, writing, and napping with her dog (catching up on on seven years of lost sleep from youth events). She spends weekends studying how to be a professional child of God from her nephews and nights on the Zumba dance floor. Amanda believes all are deserving of God’s over-abundant love and gives thanks for the community of St. Pats who continually demonstrate that love. You can hear her regularly on Itunes through “St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church” or read her very sporadic blog “Love Always Wins“.

Pleasant Company leads our music with the help of the Saint Patrick Choir. Their sound is often described as magical, uplifting, and PLEASANT. A mix of bluegrass charm and celtic grace their voices and instruments help us to uplift God’s praise. Comprised of Carrie Altmaier on flute, Carol Esch on hammered dulcimer, and Bill McNeil on violin. Led by Elizabeth Loiacono on piano and John McQueary on guitar, we generally enjoy two or three members of Pleasant Company for weekly worship and the entire band for high holy days. For sound samples and upcoming events visit their Facebook Page.

Cloe’ joined Saint Patrick’s in 2014. She remembers very little of her upbringing, but knows the power of adoption. In theory, she wears many hats. In reality, she will wear none. She keeps our security costs down and volunteers as our Parish doorbell.  She regularly walks the neighborhood sharing God’s love for all. She also loves cleaning up the floor in the day-school snack room. She’s a good girl who loves her momma, she loves Jesus, and America too. She reminds us to be happy, always make new friends, not take ourselves too seriously, and that we are beloved by God and community.