Style Sheet

This article will show you what the default styling formats look like. Keep in mind that what you see in the editor might not be what you see on the web page. Keep this page open for reference to see what formats will look like on the web site.

One thing to remember is that all paragraphs have space between them. To create a line break without space, use shift-return (Mac) or alt-return (PC).

The “div” format will not appear special in any way. What’s actually happening is that the html code “div” tag is being placed around it. This can help with layout on a page. For more information about div tags, see
Address format looks like this.
There is no space between the paragraphs.
Use preformatted will enable you to keep white space 
     and line breaks
                  wherever you type them. This is good for poetry layouts.

This is Heading 1.

This is Heading 2.

This is Heading 3.

This is Heading 4.

This is Heading 5.
This is Heading 6.