Worship At Home

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our in-person services are currently postponed. However, we have put together some resources to help you worship at home. The newest service will be below this text. Following that is a list of resources for you and your family to check out (updated periodically). Below those are previous digital services we have posted. New services post at 10:30 am Sundays on our YouTube channel and embedded to this page. We encourage you to join us after the service for virtual coffee hour using Zoom. There is a link to that meeting with the service materials below. We look forward to gathering once more in person, but until then, if you should need anything at all, please do not hesitate to let our office know. Peace be with you!

May 31st Morning Prayer Service

Please see below for Morning Prayer materials for May 31st Worship Service:

Additonal Resources

Please see below for additional resources, and check back often as things may be added daily!

The Episcopal Diocese of Lexington
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

“As we learn how to adjust our lives given the reality of the coronavirus and the request to do our part to slow its spread by practicing physical distancing, I invite you to join me each week to take a moment to cultivate a ‘habit of grace.’ A new meditation will be posted on Mondays through May. These meditations can be watched at any time by clicking here.” — Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Messages From the Vestry

May 2020
Today is Derby Day, always has been anyway, this year is quite different.
Our vestry meeting this morning offered us (St Patrick) as the winner. Our part time transient priest in charge, Mother Chris, has offered and we, your vestry , has accepted that she will be with us, stay with us, no more searching for our next priest.
we are entering into an agreement with Chris Brannock , the diocese of Lexington, St Patrick episcopal church.
Since her very first Sundays with us, so many have ask, can we keep her.
Yes , we will.
Chris plans to move her home to Somerset and we will start our our permanent journey together June 1, 2020.
Most importantly, we have structure for being our church thru coividtide.. by creating this union, we will bring our church together and be responsible for each other with new and creative ways . We all will be ask to step up , be the church.
I know we can do this. I look forward to it..
Peace be with you


“To be a witness does not consist in engaging in propaganda, nor even in stirring people up, but in being a living mystery. It means to live in such a way that one’s life would not make sense if God did not exist. “ – Cardinal Suhard

I cannot think of a time in which this call to witness could be more apt and at the same time more challenging. Night after night we are all seeing and hearing doctors and nurses humbly remarking that they are ‘just’ doing their jobs. On this evening’s news I saw a group of doctors give a standing ovation for the orderlies and kitchen crew working in the hospital. Essential services are grocery store workers, postal workers, truck drivers, delivery persons, cooks and on and on. At this moment I find myself overwhelmed by gratitude for all kinds of people and all kinds of work.

I am thankful for all of us joined together to be St. Patrick’s, for the way that we would not make sense if God did not exist. Faith, hope and love. Let’s ‘just’ do our job and love one another as Christ loves us.

~Mo Chris

I was so happy to see our sweet church online last Sunday; to hear our amazing musicians and listen to the words of Mother Chris. As always, all of these offerings are hope.

I have a ‘circle of hope’ out in our yard. It’s a garden sculpture, well it is actually an iron circle, a tractor or wagon wheel mounted to a stand. Bill questions if it is a sculpture or art! To me, it is a reminder of hope. The day I saw this iron circle, I saw hope. Hope for us to keep living our life, detoured and anxious but with faith and prayer our hope remains.

My hope is to be with all of you listening and saying ‘amen’ together.

~Janie (Senior Warden)

We (Chris and Margaret) hope everyone is healthy and well.
We have been thinking about how we are in a very “unusual” time right now and how we are blessed that this is unusual for most of us. We are having to be socially distant from our family and friends. Many of us may be experiencing financial uncertainty or having feelings of isolation. We are trying to remember that for some in our community this is their normal and it does not end when the pandemic ends. Let’s remember those that can’t count down the days to when this is over.

Margaret and I miss everyone and sharing in community with all, Hearing Mother Chris and the musicians is helping us get through another week.

~Chris Childers (Junior Warden)

Previous Services

Please see below for Morning Prayer materials for May 24th Worship Service:

Please see below for Morning Prayer materials for May 17th Worship Service:

Please see below for Morning Prayer materials for May 10th Worship Service:

Please see below for Morning Prayer materials for May 3rd Worship Service:

Please see below for Morning Prayer materials for April 26th Worship Service:


In addition to the service above, DioLex posted the following service on Sunday April 26 for St George’s Day


St George’s Day

8am Sunday: We hope you’ll join us this Sunday, April 26, for our annual diocesan St. George’s Day celebration! We will be celebrating online this year, from our virtual gathering place at The Cathedral Domain. The Rev. Jay Sidebotham of RenewalWorks will be with us to talk about Rooted Discipleship, Bishop Mark Van Koevering will lead us in a service of Spiritual Communion, and we will enjoy virtual community through voices from around our diocese.

The video will be available beginning at 8 a.m. on Facebook, as well as on our website, diolex.org. It will also be sent out to those of you on our e-news mailing list. We are looking forward to celebrating this special day in the life of our diocese with you!

Please see below for Morning Prayer materials for April 19th Worship Service:

  • Bulletin
  • Service Video
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Please see below for Morning Prayer materials for March 29th Worship Service:

  • Bulletin
  • Video of Service
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Holy Week Services

Palm Sunday

Before the service, gather branches, leaves, or plants from around your home (or make some drawings of them). They do not have to be palms — the Gospel lesson just says that the people cut branches to prepare the way for Jesus. You can also collect some stones to make a small model of a road somewhere in your house. These activities may be especially good for children.

It is appropriate that the service begin outside in the yard, or in a distant part of the house, and then process to a main room for Morning Prayer.


Service Video

Maundy Thursday

The family, or those participating in the service, gather in one place in the house. It is appropriate that this service be held around a dinner table, as Jesus dined with his friends on the night before he died. Because this is a Lenten liturgy, the meals should be simple. A meatless meal is preferred; bread, wine, olives, soup, and cheese are appropriate. The table should be set with candles that are lighted to signal the beginning of the service. Have an empty bowl, pitcher of warm water, and one towel for each person at the ready before the start of the service. The prayers, blessings, and readings can be divided among those participating.

The candles are lighted to signal the beginning of the service.

The video below is for the “sermon” part of the bulletin.


Slide Show

Meditation Video

Good Friday

It is appropriate to hold this service beginning at Noon, the hour when Christ was hung on the cross. Gather with your family, alone, or with friends and church members on the phone or video chat and begin in silence. Different members of the household or participants can read or lead different parts of the service. Select (or make) a cross from your home to be presented during the service. If you need a cross, you can find some on our Holy Week page. Drawing or building a cross may be a good activity for children and families.

The service begins and ends in silence. Give yourself and those with you a few moments to gather and pray before the leader begins the service. If you are alone or feel lonely, remember that Jesus was lonely too: his friends left him when he was handed over to Pilate. Commit yourself to being in Christ’s presence as he suffers for the life of the world. On this day, Jesus hangs on the Cross, interceding for the world. As people of God, we pray the Solemn Collects to intercede for a world that desperately needs God’s love.



Holy Saturday

This simple service can be said alone, or with friends connected through the phone or video chat. It should be held in the morning or very early afternoon so as not to conflict with the Easter Vigil, which begins at sunset. Different people may be assigned to read different parts of the service.


Service done by individuals and families

Easter Sunday

All services listed below are available online. (all language below was copied from episcopalnewsservice.org and corresponding webpages)